Thursday, June 23, 2011


Our Ryan Graduating from High School

                                             Our Megan graduating from College

As I look over these two pictures an old but true saying comes to mind - "where has the time gone???" When the kids were little - the days were soooooo looonnnngggg!!

But it seems like the day Cam and I watched all 4 of them jump out of the minivan on their own accord (it was stopped - honest!) The time has just flown by!

There are so many things I wish I could relive with them - long walks, missions trips, baptisms, ice cream cones, night time prayers, last days of school, first day of school, bon fires, friends, text messages, dinner time,crafting, notes in lunch boxes (even in mine). The list could go on and on.

I just hope I enjoyed the moment! Cam and I are both working at this. We have the type of brains that are always one step ahead - preparing for the next "thing". And we are learning to "be right where we are".

And that also means not living in the past. It is easy (believe me) to get all senitimental and want to put each kid back in diapers and a playpen - but just imagine how ridiculous that would be. I want them to grow and be who God has them to be. And they don't need two parents holding them back!

So if you have little ones, big ones or middle sized ones (kids that is) - enjoy where you are. Every day is a gift - open it, look at it, use it, savor it - doing so makes sensibility to me!

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