Friday, July 29, 2011

One of Those People

Well, I am officially "one of those people" - you know the ones - not really handy, like their toilets to flush... you know - "those people".

I broke down yesterday and called the plumber to "look at" our toilet (who says some jobs don't come with perks)

This call came after about 4 months of hearing it "run", telling 75 people they couldn't use it during a party, manually filling the tank back up and 2 repair trips to Lowes.

I always envision myself as a "repair girl" you know the MacGirlver - get it? I could look at a problem and find a way to fix it. But when it comes to appliances, I am at a loss. Maybe it is the fear of electrocution or that I will take something apart and never be able to put it back together or worse, put it back together and have a pile of spare parts laying on the ground (I wonder if they are important?). One of these days, I am going to take a "home repair" class at Bucks just so I can be a little more handy around the house.

My Dad was the type of dad who could fix anything - broken water heater - fixed, snow blower - fixed and he only lived 10 minutes from me, so my brokenness, was his fixedness! Maybe I should have been paying closer attention to what he was doing. One of my favorite memories is of my dad putting in a ceiling fan and one of my kids coming up behind him with a screwdriver and poking him in the butt - we all learned some new words that day!!

You know how people say, you marry your father - not so much.
I think I specifically loved Cam because he had different traits, but in instances like the toilet, I secretly wish I had married a plumber - Don't get me wrong, Cam can fix 75% of the things that break in our house and that is 100% more than me but we both know when it is time to call in the professionals!

Since Cam is out of the country, I thought I would surprise him with a fixed toilet - not to mention washer too (last week our washer water pump broke)! I figured it is OK to be one of "those people" that calls on the professionals - sometimes it makes more cents and sensibility.


  1. It's good to know your limitations. :) I am not terribly handy, but like you, I thankfully married someone who is.

  2. We can't all be good at everything, you have plenty of useful skills, don't kick yourself if you can't fix the toilet.... Now about taking a handyman fixit class, let me know and I will sign Mike up with you... At least you know your limitations.

  3. I'm pretty sure you can't electrocute yourself fixing the toilet...but I'm glad you're getting some help for your problem :) I love that Scott and my dad are so similar in that way, I like to imagine they would have gotten along well. Hope you get a good plumber without "the crack"

  4. The real question is where is Cam really? Out of the country huh? You expect us to believe that one. And your toilet mysteriously breaks just when Cam leaves the country? Come on Mary we see right through this. And I happen to know that your father never did fix that snow blower. This is really going to far. You know what I think,I think Cam, your father, a broken toilet, a snowblower which may or may not be fixed. I think somebody is in Reno playing the slots that's what I think. Not only that but what does "please let me know who you" means Is this the best a PCB college education can get you? --your secret admirer, Tim Rodkey


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