Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Missing My Man

Of course I am missing Cam, for all the obvious reasons, but there is a surprising reason why I am missing him - My bed in not being made - no, this is not code for anything, simply put my bed sheets are in shambles.

Sometime ago we fell into a comfortable routine - Cam would make the bed every morning. Knowing what a neat freak I am, this may surprise some of you but since I am also an early riser it has made more sense. Cam kind of frowned upon me waking him up at 6am so I could make the bed. So he took over that household chore.

He has always said that I could fall asleep on a pile of dirty rags, but secretly I just like when HE straightens out the covers and makes the bed look nice! Everybody needs a job!

So this brings me to another story - so many of you enjoyed the story about the repair man folding the laundry (see "One of Those People" post) that I thought I would tell you another story about this incredible lady! She once told me that her kids had to keep their rooms clean, but they didn't have to make their beds - this peaked my interest - no bed making? Why? Everyday she would make their beds and spends that time praying over them - that they would make good choices, be pleasing to God in all they do, safety, etc.

Isn't that a great idea!

I can't say that I totally adopted it, but I have from time to time gone into my kids rooms and done just that - instead of mumbling under my breath, I take the time to thank God for the children He has given me while I straighten up their beds.

So maybe that is why I am missing my man so much - that care and attention he takes to make our room look nice reminds me of how much he loves and cares for me!

Well, it's almost noon - better go make my bed!! And instead of missing him, I will pray for him and the ministry he is doing in Montenegro.


  1. I think I'm the only bed maker in our house, but since I sleep at night & Tom sleeps during the day, there may only be a few hours where it's empty anyway, lol.

  2. ummm my bed has not been made in awhile....does that mean you are not praying for me?? lol jk.


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