Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ice cream cake or the beginning of a blog

So this all started at a going away party for my daughter. She was leaving to do her student teaching in the Dominic Republic for 6 weeks and wanted to have a party to say good bye, be prayed for and basically have an excuse to eat something yummy!! Being so soon after the holidays I knew no one was expecting anything heavy, elaborate or remotely resembling a Christmas cookie. So what to serve? What do you make when it is 20 degrees outside and you aren't quite sure if 10 or 50 people will be showing up (who invented the e-vite anyway?) Ice Cream Cake to the rescue! Now, let it be known that our family LOVES ice cream - no matter the temperature or occasion - we've been known to serve it instead of birthday cake since everyone would ask for "ice cream hold the cake". And I could NEVER bring myself to shell out $30 for a Carvel cake that would feed 10 (did I mention that I was "thrifty" or as my husband would say "cheap" - I take it as a compliment with 4 kids, 2 in college, a roof over our heads, food everyday, a dog to feed and having traveled around the world - thrifty is GOOD!) So I made my own giant ice cream cake. To me it was a no brainer but the night we served it you would have thought I had created a new food group - "you made this" "it must have taken days" "you're so clever" - oh, that last one was me. I tend to do thing that just make CENTS - I see the problem, solve it and do so as frugally as possible. That night they told me I should write a blog with all my good ideas - you can be the judge of that!
Here is my recipe for ice cream cake - use what you have, improvise where needed and create to your own taste - but most of all pat yourself on the back for saving money and doing something yourself - quickly and might I add - quite well:

Tub of vanilla ice cream - 3 gallons
Tub of Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Syrup
3 Whipped Cream
Crushed generic oreos- put in a plastic bag and smash with a heavy spoon
jimmies, sprinkles or whatever your fam. calls them
Any other ingredients you love in your ice cream - coconut, caramel, candy pieces but I don't recommend pretzels - they get soggy

Let the ice cream sit out till soft - it's just easier. I use a big tin baking pan from the dollar store to make it in. Spread a layer of cookies, then spoon out a tub of ice cream - spreading evenly. Another layer of cookies and chocolate syrup. Second tub of ice cream on top of that. More cookies, syrup and then spread whipped cream on top and sprinkle with cookies and jimmies.My kids like to write a message on top of the cake with the chocolate syrup. Place back in the freezer over night - cover loosely-. When you are ready to serve, let it sit out for 10 minutes.
Enjoy!! - I think I'll go have a piece now.


  1. Sweet! I'll have to put this one away as all my kids LOVE ice cream cake and with summer birthday's this will be the cake to make! Thanks! Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Hey! Great idea! I am with you in the "I LOVE ICE CREAM" club :). Next time, you should show a picture to go along w/ the post!

  3. Mmmmmm so yummy! Glad you decided to do the blog!


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