Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walk Is Cheap

There used to be a "little" health club in our town called the NAC - I say used to because now it is an entire kingdom of physical fitness. But back in the day when my kids were little we joined the NAC. It seemed like the perfect solution - free babysitting while mom and dad got physically fit. But there is something about paying to exercise that makes me not want to do it. You would think that psychologically it would click that if I am shelling out money each month I would be motivated to get there. But it never seemed to work that way.

But right outside my door is a whole world of physical fitness just waiting and for some reason it works for me. I live in a great neighborhood that has 1 main street and that street is exactly 1 mile in length so if I leave my house and walk to the end of the street and back I have logged in 2 miles. Now this has always worked for me in the warmer months but until this year I haven't ventured out to conquer snow walking. I started as all good Americans do on Jan. 1st to walk everyday. I laid out my clothes the night before - 2 pairs of sweatpants, socks, sweatshirt, hat, gloves and winter coat. Cued up my ipod with my playlist and just got walking. Normally I am always freezing in winter - but something has happened since I started walking - I'm invigorated, energizes, blogging!! Who knew that 30 minutes of sunshine, fresh air and exercise could do this to a girl. And the best part is that it's FREE!!! Yes, no gas to get somewhere, fees to pay, sweaty bodies to fight over equipment with. It's right at my doorstep. It takes a little self talk - "you can do it Mary" "I'm so proud of you" and some sweet notes from my husband that he leaves by my coffee but I am committed and a little hooked on it.
And of course - it just makes cents!!


  1. Mary, I wish we were walking together...Great advice! This past year I finally, after about twenty years, gave up my expensive gym membership. I've become extremely familiar with my local terrain and feel as physically fit as ever! I'm training for my very first half marathon. It does help not needing that babysitter, though. :-)
    Love and miss you! Rebecca

  2. I too gave up my health club membership. I traded the 40$ monthly fee for a 30$ smart phone data plan keeping my budget in check ;-) Now I force myself to walk on our treadmill during the cold Pittsburgh winter days and outside in the summer.

    Now if only I could find an option for a free data plan ;-)

  3. We walk at the mall when it gets too cold out! I do belong to a gym, but it's only 10 bucks a month thankfully. I couldn't stand to pay much more than that, I'm way too cheap, lol.


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