Friday, January 28, 2011

"Opportunity" Solver

After graduating from college, getting married and moving to Dallas,TX I got a job teaching 3rd grade. Imagine my excitement after a 20 minute interview and writing sample I was offered a job. Little did I know the "opportunities" that lay ahead. I use that word opportunity because my principal refused to hear the word PROBLEM - there were no problems in his school, only opportunities. Well, being a young teacher in a rough inner-city school, I had PROBLEMS!

Now I tell that story because over the years I have become a self-proclaimed problem solver - what Mom isn't?! My husband and kids have come to rely on my ability to mull over a problem and come up with a solution - hence the title - Problem Solver.

I thought it would be fun to talk about one such example.

We have a cocker spaniel named Riley - or as she is known in our home Roo-Roo. Riley is a lively dog who has run away more times than I care to recall. At one point we had an electric fence, but she decided that freedom far outweighed shock therapy. So when Riley needs to relieve herself, she must be put on her chain. Which works out great in Spring, Summer and Fall but in Winter her leash clip lays on the cold, hard cement waiting to be clipped to her collar. Sometimes it is hard to open because of the cold or has been left in the snow because of laziness. So I got to thinking it would be nice to hang the end of the chain up off the ground. I tried bringing it inside, but the door wouldn't shut, I contemplated drilling a hook into the side of the house, but knew the zoning board a.k.a. my husband would reject that plan. Then I noticed my wrought iron shepherds hook in my garden. Being winter it was not being used, it was the right height - about 2 feet and the clip would fit perfectly on the end of the hook.

Problem Solved!

I share this story to show you most problems have a solution. It doesn't need to be expensive, elaborate or time consuming. Think outside the box, try new ideas and make sure when you do solve that problem you gather your friends and family to see your achievement - believe me, they may not seem impressed, but deep down they are.

It just makes cents!

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  1. We have the same kind of a dog - a beagle who's an escape artist. We do the chain too, so annoying! Glad you found a way that works for you.


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