Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Impulsive Puppy

We have a social skills unit we teach at school- included in the kit is "Impulsive Puppy". His job is to teach the kids self control. I love impulsive puppy. He is calm, in control and doesn't impulse buy at the grocery store.

No, that isn't part of the lesson, but it should be. There is a reason that we call it "$50 Walmart". If I don't stick to my list it is easy to fill my cart with "necessary" items. Now there are things that I stock up on when I'm at the store, because multiple trips tend to be expensive. But impulse buying shouldn't be part of my checkout. The other day Cam and I went to buy at game for Dylan - he had given us money and that was the only thing we were there to buy. When we got to Walmart, Cam went to electronics and I wanted to check the clearance rack (yes, every store has them, just ask) Lo and behold they had boxes of hair dye for $2 - I loaded up my arms and went to find Cam. He immediately asked if I wanted a cart - of course not, that is my "impulse purchase prevention plan" - If I can only buy what fits into my arms it definitely limits me. Seriously - try it - items get lost inside a big shopping cart and subliminally an empty cart looks sad and pitiful - just begging to be filled. But balanced boxes of hair dye, occasionally slipping to the ground leaves no room for more.

Sticking to a shopping list also helps. While down in Kennsington Cam, Pastor Joe and Tiffany (who happens to read my blog) went grocery shopping for the Sunday meal we were cooking for the church. They had carefully written out a list of what they needed to supplement the meal. When they got back, I got the real story from Tiffany - they had gotten everything on their list and while waiting in line, food started appearing in the cart - it was like a huge arm was swiping the shelves and pushing it into the cart - Tiffany looked Cam right in the eye and said "what would Mary's blog have to say about that?" Nice try Tiff, but he's ignored me for years:)

There are times when "impulse buying" is good. If you come across a great deal and you have the money and place to store - BUY!! My friend Anne called me one day from the grocery store - 25 pound turkeys were on sale for $5! She wanted to know if I wanted any - Heck YES! The price was right and I have a freezer so I had her pick me up 4 - hopefully she had a cart!

So take a cue from Impulsive Puppy  - self control is actually something God tells us we should be exhibiting - it isn't easy but it is necessary if we want to be wise with our money, time and lives. It's OK to say NO to ourselves. In fact it's kind of grown up to be in control of our desires. Once our wants start ruling our lives, it's hard to get it under control but we must if we want to make cents and sensibility.


  1. i was really looking forward to a post about roo roo :)

  2. This is exactly what happens to me in Target, especially when I look at all the clearance racks!! I bought blue and purple eyeshadow just because it was marked down to $1.50 (I haven't worn eyeshadow since high school!) Don't laugh at me when you see me with the smokey eyes look and I don't quite pull it off!!

  3. It's so fun making "appearances" in your blog, Mary! We should go on many more mission trips together! :)


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