Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Play Is The Thing

In our elementary school they do a play involving the 5th and 6th graders. They start practicing after Christmas and perform 3-4 months later. It's a big deal, a lot of fun and overall a great experience. All of my kids have participated - some in the chorus, one held a sign, another pushed a laundry cart and one was Daddy Warbucks (go Dylan).  I was recruited years ago to help out - they placed me on the spot light - being that the kids got any acting talent from Cam - it fit me perfect!

When Megan performed we gave her the traditional bouquet of flowers. But with 3 boys I knew flowers would be a waste of money (or a really nice gift for me:)

So I got creative - for Colin, I made cut out cookies in the shape of a star - I inserted a skinny dowel before cooking them. When they were cool, I iced them and then wrapped them all in a clear flower sleeve. I made extra and put them in a vase and placed them in the faculty room with a thank you note - needless to say they were gobbled up quickly. This would also work well with rice crispy treats.

For Ryan, I bought a bunch of AirHeads, Snickers and Gum and attached the skinny dowel and put them in the clear flower sleeve - you can pick the sleeve up for free at the grocery store where they sell the flowers.

Last, but not least - our star - Dlyan! I bought Rita's coupons and folded them into "butterflies" = accordion fold back and forth and then held it together with a pipe cleaner - making the two ends into antennas. Attach to dowel. Then I took small Rita's cups and poked a hole in the bottom - I slid a skinny dowel into each cup and placed colorful tissue paper in each. I took the butterflies and "flower" cups and put it into a clear flower sleeve - again!

So if you are looking for a creative way to show people you love them - think outside the box - oh, and I did the Rita's bouquet for a grad party gift and put it inside a long flower box - didn't see that one coming!

The "Bouquets" were a big hit and more importantly the boys knew how proud we were of them - it takes a lot of guts to get up on stage! But the show must go on and I will be there to shine the light!! Keep making cents and sensibility!


  1. Now that is awesome! Great idea!!!

  2. ummm i was a cheerleader when birdie came was a really big role!


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