Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Saved Cents!

So with Colin coming home, Jorie coming for a visit and a week off of school I decided to try a new supermarket - Anne and Janet have been raving about Bottom Dollar Supermarket - with a name like that, it must be good! They compared it to Aldies but with a more consistent selection and a cleaner appearance. You know that I am all about saving money - especially on food, but at this point in my life (that makes me sound wise, doesn't it) saving time is more of a priority.

Thus the reluctance - this new store is not on my normal travel schedule and it requires going down 413 which at the wrong time of day can be a congestion nightmare!

But with Easter, a house guest and birthday party this week, I made the venture. I pulled into the parking lot and got a spot right in front of the store - actually there were 6 open spots - this seemed promising! As I entered the store, it had a good "feel" to it - you know what I mean - when we lived in Dallas, we shopped at a grocery store that when you entered you were greeted with a man being led out in handcuffs for stealing ground beef - oh, I miss those days!

They had a nice produce selection - all in a refrigerated room - nice touch! The spiral ham was on sale for 99 cents a pound and there were plenty to choose from. The aisles weren't crammed with needless display items and knickknacks - liked that! And as you walked down an aisle that was unoccupied, the lights would automatically turn on -nice touch (I actually found that kind of endearing and thought little kids would get a kick out of that!) I found everything I was shopping for at great prices - there were a few things that would be cheaper at Giant, but overall their selection and store brands were great.

When it was time to check out there was no waiting and the cashier couldn't have been nicer - I told her I needed a store card and she said she would scan it now and I could fill out the application after I "arranged" my food how I wanted it on the conveyor belt.

OOOPPPPSSSS! That's when I remembered - both Anne and Janet had told me this info, but I must have tucked it away in that part of my brain where childbirth and dentist appointments go to be forgotten.

They don't provide bags- Let me repeat - THEY DON'T PROVIDE BAGS!! So all my groceries were transferred from my cart, to the belt, to another cart, to my trunk, to my kitchen table and then to my shelves - my bad!

But the cashier gave me 2 coupons for $2 off each that she used right then and then handed me a coupon for $10 off my next purchase.

Yes, there will be a next purchase - I definitely found it worth the drive to shop there - I figured I saved over $50 on the food I would normally buy (with no coupons) Thanks Anne and Janet for your great recommendation - saving me some cents!!!


  1. Glad you liked it! We've been there as well, but I keep forgetting about it since it's not on my normal route either. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. We should have met there, could have went to Coffee Cup Cafe first..... this is definately my new favorite store. Potatoes for 1.oo, avacados for .88 and cheese for 1.34!!! I keep forgetting bags too, and throw the groceries in the car. Anthony found a garlic bulb yesterday when cleaning out the car. I didn't buy the cereal, let me know how it is.

  3. Do they take coupons? We don't have any in my section of Philly, yet - but I do pass a few on my way to various errands - like when I take the kids to KidSport at PBU or on my way to my in-laws. I'll have to check them out! Thanks!

  4. WAIT....anne you go to the coffee cup?? all my college career and i have never been there! I need to go before I graduate!

  5. I was just giggling at the thought of one moving into Newtown. I think it's more likely we get a grocery store called "shirt off your back"...oh well, to Langhorne we go. There's one down by Calvary Chapel too, right next door to a...wait for it...SONIC... :) Happy Shopping. And yes, I"ll take the sparkies vest! thanks


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