Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stroll Down Memory Lane

On Saturday we took a little drive. We only had Dylan with us but the day was beautiful and I had the desire to do something we had done a lot of when the kids were little - Drive.

My kids were great travelers. We would strap them into their car seats and we could drive and drive - usually we would have an "Adventure in Odyssey" CD in our radio (more on that at a later time!) We also live in a beautiful area to drive. We have mountains, farmland, rivers - Bucks County is really a pretty area!

Long ago friends took us down a little dirt road up in Buckingham. It was like driving into a Hobbit Village. The temperature dropped, the trees were enormous, the creek was flowing. It was so picturesque! And at the end was a fenced in yard with Miniature Baby Doll Sheep - complete with bells around their necks that told you their names. They had a little gumball machine filled with feed that you could buy to feed the sheep and chickens and ducks. It was so peaceful and serene. We just loved it and we went back often when the kids were little.

So on this day we took a drive - we probably hadn't been back in 8 years - Dylan barely remembered going and we made 2 wrong turns trying to find it, but alas, we did and it didn't disappoint - it was just as I remembered - actually eerily just as I remembered! Nothing had changed! The little mill was the same, the creek, the sheep (although they had just been sheered) the chickens chasing down the feed, even the little row boat propped up against the fence was the same. But as I looked at my husband and almost grown son, I realized how much our lives have changed! Gone was the day of little children with big dreams - replaced with big children, living out their dreams! I am glad we have these memories to look back on.

It was a little emotional, but good, I'm glad we aren't in the same place we were back then - don't get me wrong - I loved that time, but it is good to grow. When I am living in the change, I don't always realize it is happening - every time someone see Ryan they remark about how tall he is getting - I don't see it on a daily basis!

But it is good! I am working to embrace the growth - enjoying the moment of that day - not wishing for what was, or hoping for what will be, but appreciating what is right now. I have always said that I want to be only where God wants me to be - I also want this for my children, so if I say that I must be willing to accept whatever it is that God brings into my life - living in the present makes sense for me.


  1. I'll have to take the kids there, it looks like a great place. :)

  2. Love Love Love Love this Post!!!!

  3. Cuttalossa's the reason mom wanted baby doll sheep in the first place :)

  4. That's right down the road from where we had our wedding reception!! Thanks for my little trip down memory lane today :)

  5. we love Cuttalossa too! good reminder, we'll have to stop by on the next sunny day!


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