Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Communication Breakdown

Years ago Cam surprised me with a cell phone - what did I need a cell phone for?? I was used to screening my calls at home  - why would I want those same calls to follow me out into the world? But it was during this time that I returned to work. I found that having a cell phone was really helpful. I could make calls on my lunch break, check up on the kids and ask Cam to pick up ice cream on his way home. Yes, I bought into cell phones.

Next was email. I was a stay at home mom - why did I need email - my physical mailbox still worked, I actually enjoyed receiving a letter from far, far away. But again, when I went back to work, they gave me an account and expected me to check my email - that's how they communicate in the "real world". So now I have two accounts - one at home, one at work and I check them every day, talk to friends more than I would in person and pass on along a funny picture or two. Yes, I bought into email.

All my kids have cell phones. At our house when you turn 15 you take a trip to the Verizon store and pick out a phone. They were on a mission to  convince me they "needed" texting. Why you can't pick up the phone and talk anymore is beyond me, but for $10 a month, they can text all they want - and yes, they have to pay for that. But I was not convinced of the necessity of it. Until our plan offered one "low" price for unlimited texting for everyone, so now I have texting and I have to say, of all the modern conveniences I might like this one the best - it's quick, concise and there is very little back talk - when I answer the kids "no" all I have to do is turn off my phone - no back talk!! I must confess, I text a lot - I will send the kids messages for after school plans, tell Cam I'm praying for him during the day  or give a friend a quick answer to there question. So I guess I, too "need" texting.

Skype is something I did want !! With 2 kids so far away we can talk to them anytime we want - for FREE! All you need is an account (for free) and a web cam. If you don't have a web cam, you can still Skype, you just can't see each other - kind of like a phone call! We just make arrangements with the kids when we will talk - your computer has to be on to receive a call. But we have had to have that "talk" at our house ----  "Sype Etiquette". Ryan met Colin's girlfriend on Skype while wearing a leotard and doing jumping jacks in the background (sorry Jorie)- if you wouldn't do this in person, don't do it on Skype - wait, Ryan would do this is person! Anyway, Skype was an easy "sell" for me.

So this brings me to Facebook - I've been asked many times why I don't have an account -yes, I'm that popular :) But as you just read- I am slow to change and resist it for as long as I can. If it has no immediate benefit to me, why do I need it?

My good friend who I won't name, but it begins with J and ends with anet tried to join Facebook back in the day when we were both youth leaders. She thought it would be a good way for her to keep in touch with the youth, so she signed up. But back then there was an age limit  - so she was rejected - yes, by Facebook! She got smart and tried again, although this time she was going to lie about her age - but Facebook was onto her - she was turned down again - I think it even  issued a restraining order! So I think of Facebook as a young persons domain - at least that's what my kids keep telling me! When Cam created his account he was sooooooo excited and has really enjoyed the "networking" or is that "notworking"? He keeps trying to convince me to join in on his account  - we could be  "Camry" Garven - but even I know this is "gay" -not that there is anything wrong with it.
Besides, it's more fun to "creep" under his name. He's always surprised when someone comments on something he "wrote" because he probably didn't write it at all. Yes, I am slow to buy into technology, but if it is something that can save me time and money - I'm all over it - just give me a year or two and then it will make cents!


  1. I don't do Facebook either. There are several reasons I don't and neither will Scott.
    SOOO funny that FB rejected Janet. That is hilarious! And I love texting too, but it annoys me the same way FB does. Its simply a means of communication you use when you really just don't want to talk to someone.

  2. I am a late convert to facebook, was dragged in kicking and screaming to join a discussion forum, but now I love it. I love it because for me and my husband it is a very effective ministry tool,we get to have great discussions with some unsaved young adults our sons are friends with, and we really believe these discussions are making an impact. This is how so many young people connect these days. It is also great to have developed a network of prayer warriors from all over the world that can join you in prayer at any time. I can keep in better touch with young missionary friends, and the ministries I participate in. Relatives in other parts of the globe (for me the Canary Islands) are now an interactive part of my life. All those pluses being said, the downside is that it takes time (but if that means less TV so much the better). And for guys on the frontlines of ministry it may be a bit risky. However I am just a footsoldier so if I have a foot in mouth experience not too many people notice...Denise H.

  3. I thought the age for facebook was 13. Where was Janet a youth leader then? And was facebook really around that long ago??? Or maybe, you know a different Janet.
    That's interesting about how much you like texting - I haven't bought into that one. Maybe when my girls are older I'll join in; but by then, I wonder what the technology will be. - Deb

  4. I have no problem with doing any of the 'new' things and was thrilled to join FB. I'm not a big texter, I find it tedious, BUT my 11 year old daughter talks to me a lot using it, so I do it. My theory is that I don't intend to be left behind for two reasons: One, because I refuse to be my mother (whom I love!) who lived in a SAHM bubble for decades and is completely out of touch with anything new. Two, I want to be fluent in the language that my kids speak. A won't be on FB for a few more years, but I'm not going to be creaking along behind her trying to figure it out and keep up. If I reject the 'next big thing' in communication now, then I'm already out of the loop for whatever comes after that. I could go on & on about staying culturally relevant/aware, but this is too long already, lol.

  5. thank you for the shout out...I think...and yes, when fb started, you had to have a college email address, than they later added high Jake and Morgan could have time you mention me could it be something wonderful please?!?!?!? :)


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