Monday, February 21, 2011

Seeing the Sights

We are down at my brothers' house this weekend for a visit and a little history lesson!! The boys were thrilled!! I visited Mt. Vernon when I was a kid and had fond memories! So I thought it would be fun to see the family and George and what better weekend than on his birthday. My brother had told us that on Monday the visit would be free - which beats the $15 per person price and when you are bringing 2 surly teenagers, you don't want to pay $30 for them!

This got me thinking about free tourist travels. If you are interested in seeing the sights, check out their website first, see what kind of deals they have, or ask if they have any coupons.

But be careful - Cam and I were at a conference once in Orlando and in the hotel lobby they were offering free tickets to Universal Studios - SCORE! All we had to do, was take a little van ride to another location and sit through a "short" presentation....
We gave up the "free" tickets and went back to our conference.

There are also websites that offer free entertainment in your area - usually those days are crowded but free is hard to pass up.

When Megan was 3, Colin was 1 and Dylan and Ryan were a mere twinkly in my eye. We went to Sesame Place - we had a blast - this was when it first opened and you could actually walk around without the mobs! When we were leaving there was a sign for a season pass and they would roll the amount we had paid that day into our cost. So if we decided to come just one more time we would have paid for the whole summer. We had a great time that summer. I would take the kids by myself for an hour or two. Cam would meet us for dinner. We would take visiting relatives - we more than got our monies worth!
A couple of years ago we did this with the Camden Aquarium, too.
Before you do buy the season pass, see if you can visit for the day and if they will roll this into the season pass. How many times will you have to come back to make it worth it,  do you want to come back, is it convenient to where you live, how much is parking, do they offer guest passes so you can take friends.

Making memories and having family fun is meaningful but all these questions will help you decide if this is good for you and if it makes cents.


  1. When we moved here from Texas (23 years ago)we were appalled at the cost of joining a pool so that our young kids could get some swimming in...Sesame Place was a great alternative, cheaper than joining a pool, and they could get their water fun!
    Denise H.

  2. and pack a lunch when you go to see the sights....just brings down the price of free.99 instead of paying for ridiculous lunch prices.


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