Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That Used To Be What??

Tonight I was determined to do Megan, Colin and Ryan's taxes - federal, state and local (thank goodness Dylan is working under the table). I'm usually on top of these kinds of tasks but since I've become totally obsessed with blogging, these things seem unimportant - I'm sure the government would understand.

So as I buckled down, my wonderful husband sat down to figure out how to add pictures to my blog. I've been wanting to do this for a while - so here is my  repurposing idea:

This is a dresser that my neighbor was throwing out about 10 years ago. I took it and spray painted over the white enamal a lovely tan color and the kids kept their puzzles, toys and videos inside.

Then we moved and it became the school supply holder. It held paper, binders, pencils, crayons and all the thousands of supplies that are on the teachers back to school list, but never seem to be asked for once the kids are in school.

TIP: Buy extra supplies when the back to school sales are on. I buy 10 cents folders, $1 for 3x5 cards, etc. That way we have extra supplies on hand and dry goods never expire (I sound like Laura Ingalls when I say dry goods).When they get their supply list for the next year I have the kids shop first in the dresser before we go to Staples.

Back to the dresser - alas, the top drawer broke and was totally useless. That's when I came up with the idea to use it as a TV stand - but you and I know, no TV stands alone, you need your "Boxes", the VCR, the DVD, FIOS and in our case the XBox. So I took out the top drawer, laid the bottom panel of the broken drawer on the runners, tacked it down and  "TA DA" - an "antique" entertainment center. I put all the boxes on the top shelf where the cords can be easily accessed through the back and I store DVDs in the 2 bottom drawers.

I also treated it to a new coat of paint, which this picture doesn't do justice - it is a really nice mustard yellow - complete with brown smudges and strategic areas sanded off - I told you before I like my furniture looking old and beat up. (I'll tell you another time how I do that, since it is one of my favorite things to do!!)

That's the fun of being creative - not being stuck on what something is supposed to do, like hold clothes, but all the possibilities of what it could do.And who knows in a few years, I might decide to turn it into something else, like a changing table for my grandbabies!! That makes cents!

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  1. put my grandbaby in the game! thanks for doing my taxes! love ya!


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