Monday, February 28, 2011

Service With A Smile

We spent Dylan's birthday yesterday in Philly. No, we weren't seeing the sights, getting a cheese steak, watching a ball game - we were at Cornerstone Community Church in Kennsington - shout out to all my friends down there - especially Shannon. This is an awesome church - It began about 30 years ago as a safe place where kids could come to play, get something to eat and more importantly hear about Jesus! It has grown into a church of about 350 people who love God and want to love their neighborhood.

Our suburban church - Bible Fellowship Church of Yardley has partnered with Cornerstone for about 20 years now. We've helped with youth group, block parties, Christmas parties, work projects, women's Bible studies, and provided food!! Now, if you know anything about church, you know church people like to eat!! But in the inner city, food is essential. Most activities at this church include a snack and box of cereal to take home - it might be the only food they have that day.

This day we went down to learn about their ministry, worship in church with them and provide lunch for the whole church. What a great way to spend the day -  Dylan's birthday!!

Of all the things we've done with our kids, this has been the most meaningful -serving! Giving of yourself, to help and serve someone else is a lesson we all need to learn - it is natural to think about ourselves first, others second - we must be trained to do the opposite. And the best training is by example. So we serve - we look for opportunities to help, encourage and share God's love with those around us. And our kids are getting it! We gave Dylan the option of staying home and going to church where most of his friends would be or going down to Cornerstone Church with us- he chose to serve today - he chose to make sense!!


  1. YAY!! I made your blog! I am so honored :)! It was great to see you all yesterday - and the dinner was FABULOUS! You all know how to cook a mean lasagna! Thanks for coming down! I know the people really appreciated all the smiles and food!

  2. Mary!! They are finally letting me comment on your blog! I have been reading from the beginning and was never able to comment cause I don't have a blog and I couldn't figure it out..Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING reading this and am getting such great ideas from you!


  3. I love the way you and Cam serve with your family, it is such an encouragement to me and others. Thanks for being such a great role-model!

  4. That is awesome. I look forward to the day when we can all participate in some sort of service together as a family.


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