Wednesday, February 23, 2011


No, not that kind of passion- come on, my kids read this blog! What I am talking about is motivating your kids and maybe yourself.

Cam and I had two different philosophies about part time jobs. At the age of 14 I was in the HR department at the hospital that my Mom worked in to interview for a nurses aid job. I worked every other weekend and most of my summers until the day I got married and moved to TX, Cam also began working at a young age. His dad passed away when Cam was 16 years old so his motivation to work was a little different than mine - he was helping to support his family.

We both agreed our kids should work, but he wanted them to have jobs that were flexible - allowing time for family and church. He also wanted them to be passionate about what they were doing. This would prepare them for their future careers. How could I disagree with that?!

Our kids jobs haven't been your typical adolescent jobs.

 Megan loves kids - so naturally she babysat - a lot! She has babysat for multiple kids, disabled kids and rambucious kids - all while learning to be a great teacher. She also watches a lady with alzheimers and edits her school's yearbook.

Colin is a computer whiz kid - when he was in high school he created his own company complete with website where he transferred customers VHS tapes to DVDs - he still does this while going to college -

Ryan is also good with kids and loves to be active so he has taught swim lessons, lifeguards and collects scrapemetal with Colin to turn in for cash.

Dylan is into music and a natural muscisian so he teaches bass, guitar and drum lessons - As well as helping a neighbor with odd jobs and her cats - yes, he is a Cat Whisperer!

They all have done the lawn cutting, snow shoveling, selling on EBay, etc. It helps to have parents that volunteer them for anything.

This flexibility has allowed them to help at VBS, go on missions trips and still be able to finance their "lavish" lifestyle! But more important they can use what they are leaning to help them decide what they want to do "when they grow up" - That doesn't always happen when you are flipping hamburgers. So when looking for a part time job - be creative, think about what you are passionate about - it could turn into making you a lot of cents!

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  1. my new favorite quote reminded me of your post.

    "I did not have any inspirations, my talent formed, because that was what I loved to do...(and forever will). Many kids should know their
    talents form in their heart and soul"
    --Shel Silverstein

    I too babysat, and I am now a teacher--doing what you are passionate about makes a job not only a job but a hobby. When your job feels like a hobby backed by passion it makes every day easy to wake up early in the morning(and the bills get paid as well)!
    xo you are so wise!


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