Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Most Important Meal of the Day

My "baby" turns 16 today!
Yes, and this is the famous ice cream cake.

So the tradition in our house is that on your birthday you get breakfast in bed - usually made by your siblings!! We have a tray and it gets filled with all kinds of yummy treats - you are the king for that day. And why not, breakfast is probably the best meal of the day. But let's face it, morning is no time to be making it!!

Most mornings we have quick, but hopefully nutritious meal - we save the "grand slam" breakfasts for the weekends or for dinner!

Let's take a look at some options for the morning and maybe you can share some of your own to give me some fresh ideas!

Smoothies - this is an anytime meal in our house. We have two different kinds- orange juice base and milk base. Then you add frozen fruits - blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and I stick "almost bad" bananas in the freezer (peel first) to add in too. In the milk base, I add yogurt - about 1/2 cup of plain plus the frozen fruit. - delicious and really good for you!

Oatmeal - I was never a fan growing up, I was more of a Cream of Wheat kind of girl, but Cam loves it and now so do I. We do the slow cook method, so when I come back from my walk, I boil the water, add the oats and then take it off the stove, by the time I'm done my shower it is ready to eat. I add frozen blueberries and walnuts. My boys love the instant packets and will eat them anytime of the day, too.

Muffins - This can be labor intensive, so what I do is make the batter the night before, usually while making dinner, fill the tins and put them in the fridge, then in the morning all I have to do is pop them in the oven - 20 minutes later hot, fresh muffins, yum. My boys will eat them anytime of the day - are you noticing a theme here???

Yogurt - I buy a big tub of plain yogurt and then add my own frozen fruit and nuts, Ryan takes a granola bar and crushes it on top. When I take this to school, people will stop me and ask where I bought it! It's that good!

Pancakes and Waffles - when we makes breakfast for dinner, I will cook extra  to put in the freezer - that way you just have to heat them up in the microwave and they taste much better than the store bought frozen ones.

Egg Casserole - again, a little bit of work, but if you do it the night before all you have to do is put it in the oven and serve.

Bagels - they travel well and can be topped with anything - egg sandwiches are a favorite in our house.

Most mornings it's a grab and go, but we all know how important breakfast is - for everyone! And cold cereal gets old pretty quick so stock your cupboards with some quick, nutritional foods and start your day off right - it makes good cents!


  1. cereal.....that will be eaten anytime of day at our house. the cheap kind of course!

  2. I now buy the "just add water" muffins. Since I am NOT a baker I definitely never have the right ingredients in the house. Plus they take two seconds to make. It is only about 1.25 for the mix. I say yum and it "makes cents".

  3. baked oatmeal is delicious eating a warm oatmeal cookie right out of the oven!

    Happy Birthday Dylan!

  4. you can also make a variation of oatmeal cookies.. add extra oats and less sugar.. i made them in muffin tins once, baked them then topped with cream cheese.. mm mm mm!

  5. I've been making my own bagels for a bit now and they are 100x better than lenders and not that difficult to make either...just takes some time. But make a big batch and freeze them, they are great! And eggs and good toast. Not a grab and go but fairly quick and simple.



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